Mixer-recorder combo for Digitakt+Digitone

Hello everyone,
Here’s my setup:
Xenyx 1002 mixer + Zoom H5 recorder

And here’s my question: would you guys know of a good mixer/recorder that could replace the Xenyx and the H5 ? I looked into Zoom R8 and Zoom L8 but I would like to know what you guys think before buying.
Thanks for your help

How do you use the mixer? You could just go DT to DN to H5

I use it to connect to the speakers too. The H5 only has a line out which isn’t the proper connection for speakers

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Do you plan to add much additional gear any time soon?

You dont need any more gear and your mixer still has channels left, dont waste your money! The recorder is perfectly fine and sure the mixer is fairly crap but go and spend and 1K and your sounds wont have ‘Improved’ you’ll just have a load of spare inputs and knobs to twiddle!


Isn’t line out what active speakers speak?

Recorder to DT in, DT out to DN in, NO MIXER.

Anyways for sound you need a mixer, simple as, so flexible by using sends and external FX etc. LOADS of cheap SH ones around…

No just sold my ZOIA and currently in the process of selling my faderfox EC4 because I want to simplify everything

Speaker uses TRS cables. H5 line out is 3.5mm

er adapters…?

Wouldn’t that cause a loss of sound quality ? H5 has one 3.5mm out so I would need a 3.5mm adapter to TRS and then a splitter so I can plug in both speakers. Unless there’s something I’m missing ?

Missing something…

Absolutely no loss of sound quality, not sure what you’re thinking…?

Smaller connector = less quality sound?

Balanced connectors only have use over long runs, will make ZERO difference over <3m or so. They just cancel out noise, they don’t ‘Improve’ the sound…


I’ve got a Tascam model 12 that I like very much. It has more than enough ins in case you get more gear, and has midi out so you can record with time in bars, not seconds.

But it’s probably overkill for what you want. I agree with @stretchyman that no mixer might be your best option.

Ok thank you for the explanation. I will go with the simpler route and no mixer at all + the adapter from H5 to speakers.
Thanks again for your help

you could even try to record directly to your smartphone/computer/tablet with usb audio main out feature of dt or dn and ditch the h5 conpletely… and from main out of dt or dn directly to your monitors

PORTABLE recorder VERY handy…


What software do you use on the iPhone ?

almost any recorder app will do. i use audioshare, which is really good.

Ok I downloaded AudioShare, how do you set it up so it can “listen” the the USB coming from Digitone ?