Mixing between a loop and live input on a single track

I only got this beast a few days ago so I’m still going through the manual - so bare with me.
I have scanned/searched through manual and some online tutorials and can’t figure out if it’s possible.

My goal is to have a single track play live incoming audio on scene A or play recorded audio on Scene B. While also running through a track’s effects and allowing the same kind of manipulation that’s possible with the “flex machine as thru machine” from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAxUsIdAmEM

I know I can probably do this with 2 tracks easily enough, but was hoping it was possible to squeeze it into a single track!

I am also aware of the DIR setting and how it can even be mapped to scene, but this doesn’t seem to go through a track’s effects, so it’s not exactly what I’m meaning.

The more I think about it the more I’m thinking it won’t be possible and I’ll just need 2 tracks, but was hoping someone might have figured out a way to do this :slight_smile:

With only 1 pattern, you need 2 tracks if you want fx.

In order to save a track, you can use 2 patterns, a Flex to monitor a constant recording.

Pattern 1 = Monitoring and constant recording
A rec trig on step 1 (AB/CD as source)
A trig on step 1 (Flex playing corresponding recording buffer)

Pattern 2 : Playing the recording
Same as pattern 1 without rec trig.


Or you can utilise parts.

Which is clunky for what you want to do.

I do it with 2 tracks, its smooth, reliable, and easy to work with. Its all there on the front panel, same pattern, same part.


I think 2 tracks will do :slight_smile: Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing some crazy system someone had worked out to do it or something!

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