MNM Erasing all patterns and kits with power cycle

Has anyone had any issues with the MNM wiping itself clean on power cycle? This is making me sad!

The battery just needs replacing.


OH damn I just noticed the BATTERY LOW warning on start up. I don’t even know where to start looking to change this battery. RIP waaaah. Thanks for the input.

Inside the machine is the best place.

It’s probably quite easy , similar to a battery in a watch.
Try YouTube / google.

I did search and came up flat. Yeah im just gonna hope it’s a coin battery. I tossed out that I was looking for help just in case someone with actual experience in the matter wanted toss me some knowledge.

You might try looking at the Elektronauts forum:

Depending on the age of your MM, it could be as simple as opening up the MM and sliding in a new battery, or there could be some desoldering involved.

In either case, your MM is easily fixable.


Thank you for this! I have the SFX60 So fingers crossed!

look around for some reports on disassembling it. it’s easy overall but pulling the knobs off is a little scary. you have to pull hard and you can damage the encoders if you’re not careful. be sure to pull straight up on them and you should be fine.

oh and I think it uses Torx 25 screws so you’ll need one of those screwdrivers.