MnM filter behavior when using FM machines?

I’ve only recently started digging deep into the FM machines on the Monomachine, and unless I’m missing something it seems like the behavior of the filter changes drastically on tracks which use these - specifically, there’s almost no LP filter effect until you get way down in the range of the WDTH knob. Has anyone else noticed that? I realize that FM synths typically didn’t even offer a filter, but I wouldn’t have expected the filter to respond differently in this case

Filter key tracking?


Checked that, it doesn’t appear to factor

Filter width (not base) / HP tracking is off by default. It’s a well known thing with the MNM, it’s best to just set that first for most patches.

Might just be that because it’s predominantly a sine wave tone (the base of the FM machines) there aren’t many (or any) harmonics to filter out until you get down to the fundamental frequency. Depends what you’ve done with the patch. Try making it noisier / more complex and see if it still behaves that way.


Came in to say the same thing. This is likely the case.