MNM per step arp resolution hack

using a sid machine, arp mode ‘key’, 5 oct rng…

if you get more than one note on a step but leave the offset at +0 it does the octave jump but cuts the arp speed resolution down (slows it down) by 1 for every +0 you add. if you have a bunch of extra +0 mixed in with other notes it’s a per-step custom arp rate/chord. you can parameter lock arp resolution on OT. MNM can do it to! hahahahahaha!


I’m not sure I get it. I tried and it does not seem to reduce ARP speed on my MnM (if that was the purpose)

u know I don’t think it changes resolution, I think if it’s just set on one note and it’s set to do octave jumps, the duplicate notes makes the octave jump take longer to get through the duplicates, it hangs on the one note longer before it jumps octaves. cool enough to know you can stack duplicate notes on the same step though, each step can be it’s own arp run

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OK, I get it know.
Even if it doesn’t change the ARP resolution, it is still a good hack :slight_smile:
Thx for that