Model Cycles as a midi controller?

I’m away from my machine to figure out what messages get sent from the MC, but I’m brainstorming a faux-OB method of recording the tracks.

The individual tracks should be easy enough. Just solo each track and record.

As far as any live knob tweaks, thats what I’m sorta brainstorming.

Do the knobs send a single message for the device? Or do different messages get sent dependent on the track?

I assume even in the best case scenario, that there’s no way to gather the control all automation- but that can be kinda worked around.

If anybody has looked into this or can just do a short midi message test, I would greatly appreciate it(i need something to mull over on my walk)

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From the manual :

9.4.2 MOUT
Will, when checked, send the tracks NOTE, VELOCITY, and TRIG LENGTH sequencer data to the Mod- el:Cycles MIDI OUT for control of external MIDI devices. The data are sent on the track’s MIDI channel set in the CHANNELS menu. For more information, please see “12.3.3 OUT CHAN” on page 44.

If MOUT is checked the following functions also sends MIDI data:

• PADS The [T1–6] pads sends MIDI note data.

• TRIG KEYS The [TRIG] keys sends MIDI note data in CHROMATIC mode.

• MUTE, activating/deactivating mutes sends MIDI.

• TRACK PARAMETER and FX knobs sends MIDI data on their set channels.

• Tracks forwards the incoming note data on the AUTO channel from external MIDI con- trollers to the MIDI OUT port for control of an external device.

• If MOUT is checked, the track sends the sequencer data both externally over MIDI and internally to the tracks preset.

• Only the sequencer data for the NOTE, VEL, and LEN parameters are sent over MIDI. For more information, please see “9.8 TRIG NOTE MENU” on page 29.

I think that’s intended for actual sequencing purposes. I reckon i could map knobs from MC to parameters in Ableton per se

Nvm- the UI apparently doesn’t send ANY midi. I thought I saw somewhere where it did.

My bad

I thought that was it or maybe I didn’t understand correcttly what you meant?

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Pretty sure you need Config -> Midi -> Filter -> Encs then set that to I+E. (internal + external encoders) . 12.3 in the manual


Ah! Brilliant! Thanks for that!

This is the first I’ve ever interacted with this area of midi- thanks for the insight!

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Alright! I’ve got it working! Looks like the tweaking between tracks is distinguished via midi!

No midi is received with control all(not even the tweaked tracks midi(which could introduce an issue that needs to be worked around)

Thanks again for all your help, you two!


How about cc messages from the rotatory encoders? Do they also send cc messages per track/channel? I don’t have the machine but I’m considering getting one too :slight_smile:

They do


Then I may need one :wink: thanks for replying!

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Hey! How about cc values per step or even ramps changing parameter values? Is this also being taken into account when vary from one step to another? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the sequencer works just as a sequencer individually- doesn’t hold any extra midi values outside of sending midi notes(when midi mode is turned on, per track)

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Thanks, I understand :slight_smile:

I got the midi send working for every track/step already, and also CC, but the values are updated when twisting the encoder. I don’t think it works when the CC value changes over steps… Still needs testing if when real time recording is on and the encoders are moved, if that would affect… I doubt it but still needs checking.

In any case it is working and sounding superb, what a great purchased actually!

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