Model:Cycles Backup via Transfer small filesizes?


Did my first Model:Cycles Backup via Transfer 1.4, everything works fine.
But, I 'd wondering about the small file sizes of 12kb by a complete Project with circa 60 patterns. Is this normal and everything stored save?

Compared to an similar project backup i did with c6, saved as an sysex file comes with 2,5MB.

My other saved Cycles Projects (all complete full with 64 patterns) via Transfer have also small filesizes of 69kb, 50kb & 42kb.

Are this small filesizes correct/normal?

Thanks a lot & have a nice day :O)

in the filename you can replace .mcprj with .zip
unzip it to check if all files are present.


Thank you! But the files are not present :frowning:

Ok, good to know. Something goes wrong by backup with transfer.
Strange. I have no idea… You have no problems with Transfer Backup?
I will check it again.

Are you using the latest M:C Os and Transfer? Both need to be up-to-date

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Yes, latest Os on both.