Model:Cycles Battery Mod

Does anyone know how to mod M:C with internal batteries? I need an instruction or similar. The longer I have the device, the more stupid I find that Elektron has not equipped it with them. Shame on the product manager. Love for the M:C <3

They made the battery handle for it.

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I believe the battery handle was recalled :thinking:

You can easily power the MC with a portable battery via USB. It works perfectly. There are different companies that make affordable cables and you can also find them on Amazon and other online platforms. It will be easier than modding your MC.

However, if you do choose to mod it, please post some pics, it sounds interesting :blush:

I honestly don’t get why you would want to mod instead of using a powerbank.

Honestly, you don’t have to. Just personal preference. I like it crisp and clean. :slight_smile:

So hopefully someone can help me with the modding …

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Is there even room inside for a battery? The form factor is pretty small.

But, there was a battery mod for Digitakt here. Maybe that’s a good starting point?

I get the clean factor. It’s why I love my new MPC Live 2.
But, I also travel with my Cycles and I found a very cheap power bank (designed for charging phones) that works wicked good and lasts for…well, not sure as I’ve used it for long periods of time but never let it run out. At least 6 hours I would say, but maybe more.

Anyway, like hostbody mentioned, there probably isn’t enough room to mod it super pro. I’m sure you could figure something out but I use the power bank in a cheap, semi rigid case so I just unzip the lid and jam. It’s very convenient, I tucked the cables below so zero eye sores.

If you are interested, I’ll dig up and share the links to the case and power bank.

Being a bad and wicked child, I kept my handle. I just can’t imagine having a M:C without batteries.

I’ve seen people attach battery packs to their gear.

You could make into a kind of built-in stand, a la Squarp Pyramid. With a 3D printer it could be nicely form-fitted, stick the guts of a “stick” style powerbank in it, then you just need a short cable with the right connector. Boom, rechargeable semi-self-contained batteries.

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no idea for an internal battery, however there are free downloadable 3D plans to make a handle with battery:

For my part, I printed the side arms provided in these 3d plans and I glued sections of pvc pipes in which I was able to perfectly integrate a cylindrical Anker battery.