Model: Cycles can fake a 24ppq clock on the MIDI out

I just wanted everyone to know that Model: Cycles outputs 24ppq clock (like pulses, like modular) on its MIDI out. Just use a regular patch cable.

I searched everywhere online for this and only found it mentioned in a few places. It might be in the manual but I don’t see it.

I don’t know what it does on the MIDI in, and I am afraid to try it.

Is it’s like the other Elektron boxes, there’s a setting int the MIDI menu that lets you set the output to DIN.

Umm … I don’t think there is on model:cycles … unless you can tell me where it is ?

It wasn’t a setting as far as I could tell, I just connect it and it works.

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I’m pretty sure this is only the MIDI clock message that you are ‘adopting’ creatively - i’d urge you to rephrase the topic to prevent confusion …


Model: Cycles can fake sync pulses on the MIDI out at 22ppqn

I’d imagine the MC is using 3V Midi - so the corresponding clock message sent digitally as analog pulses (3v) is actually sending the following byte as individual pulses at 31kHz every 22ppqn

(Hex=F8 Bin=11111000)


This cluster of digital voltage pulses could be interpreted as one sync pulse by certain gear

The issue is that if you introduce notes on your MIDI stream or program changes etc then you will be messing up this faux sync signal

It’s a hack - just don’t put a modular signal into the MC in !