Model Cycles default keyboard layout

I made this to assist with knowing what key the trig buttons relate to at default settings, you can print it out and stick it above the keys, just crop it to the lines and it fits without covering the other text. JPGformat 600dpi if you have a PC connected label printer it should fit easily on a 24mm wide tape, 3 copies in case you need more.

Should be ok for M:S too.

For some reason the preview is missing some lines, but it is ok when you download it, print it to scale to ensure it fits.


Can fit above or below trig keys, looks like this:


Perfect! Already have some heavy stock paper in the printer. Away we go! What are you using to attach to the M:C? *** didn’t read the post well enough - double sided tape. I’m sure there is probably some sort of other methods as well. A laminate machine would be nice. Oh! Idea! A laminated graph would allow you to write in permanent marker or grease pen if we find other parameters that would benefit from some written reminders.

Appreciate you throwing it up on the forum for us :blush:

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I just printed on a Brother label printer, for paper just use double sided tape?

If you transpose the keyboard in multiple of 12 the notes will still be correct BTW.

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Just needs :3lektron: to make a new Hattery Bandle for ya :tongue:

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