Model cycles has no filter? :o

Hello , its my first day with cycles and i love that sound but as i noticed it has no filter:( so my quetion is how i can mix some tracks ? For example if i want to remove low end from track 8 what should i do ?

It’s a very rad instrument, but no…
No filters.


As far as removing some low end on a sound, what machine are you working with?

It’s an opportunity to think harder about how your tracks are arranged. If a track is taking up low end that you’d like to cut, pitch it up into a higher register or sequence it so it’s not overlapping with other bassy tracks.




It’s important to find out these things before you get your gear so there aren’t any surprises. The M:C doesn’t have a filter but you can get interesting results manipulating sweep and contour depending on the machine.

Even without a filter, you’ll still be able to make cool music. You can also record your audio directly over USB into a DAW and add filters there if you like.

Have fun!


For me, the Syntakt adding a filter (two actually!) to the Model Cycles machines made them so much more malleable and useful for my kind of music. No doubt you can make great stuff without and every limitation is an opportunity etc. But for me life is better with filters :joy: