Model:Cycles MIDI pitch bend?

Does the cycles accept incoming pitch bend midi messages? I’m guessing no because I’ve tried it with two different keyboards (QuNexus and Keystep), but hopefully I’m doing something wrong…

Is there some setting I’ve forgotten on my midi keyboards to get them to modulate the pitch or something?

In the manual pitch is CC 65 - do I need to get the controller to target cc 65 somehow?

I’ve also found the M:C not to respond to “standard” pitch bend controls. I’m pretty sure that you’ll need to map to the CC you’ve found or the fine tune one if it exists. (I don’t have the manual to hand)

yes but i don’t see any way to do that on the Keystep or the QuNexus. If it is possible i don’t know how to do it

You would have to use a DAW or midi processor.

i see, so something like MidiPal or Midi Event Processor?

I believe so but am not very familiar with them. Have you looked at the QuNexus editor? It looks like you might be able to control CC 65 with [source] pitchbend.

That’s what I’m gathering from page 3 of the editor manual.

thanks - as far I know, you can assign pitch bend to be triggered by pressure, velocity or tilt, but not a particular CC number