Model:Cycles Pad sensivity


Been playing my M:C for about a month now and was curious about the stiffness of the velocity pads. Tried to reach elektron support and got this answer from them:

“The Model:Cycles/Samples pad sensitivity is indeed more adapted for those who play with some force. We are looking into the possibility of adding a personal pad sensitivity setting for a future OS update, but I can’t promise anything. ​”

Wanted people to know, it seems like they are thinking about improving them on a future OS update.


That will be good, always on point for update :crazy_face:

Fixing it with plastic sheets is quite easy to do.

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I have read about it online but after reading on the insurance/warranty conditions, I have decided against it as it would require me to open it…

hope they will improve it … made the plastic sheet mod under the pads but still not that great : (

Never had issues with the pads sensitivity but I’m not against a resampling fonction :crazy_face: