Model: Cycles reverting to factory on power off

Hi, I just got a new Model: Cycles and it does not seem to be remembering changes I make . . . for example if I change the LED to max, program a sequence with some new sounds it all works fine, I can change pattern etc, but THEN if I power the unit down and switch it on again it’s all gone back to factory - the pattern is gone and LED goes back to med setting. I have tried powering down by switching the device off and also by pulling out the power cable but when i come back it’s back at the original factory settings . . . . Thanks

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Are you powering off properly using the master vol (top right) or simply removing the power ? Nothing gets saved if you just remove the power.

Thanks it may have been that and also not saving the pattern first

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probably the most annoying thing about the M:C, to be honest. I lose work all the time because I forget to power off directly; mainly because it’s the only Elektron machine that does this. even if you save the pattern, it doesn’t matter. pull the power plug (or in my case, turn off the power strip it’s plugged into) and everything’s gone. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same here. Bad design choice.

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Really? so a power outage can mean saved patterns disappear? That’s crazy . . .

Save pattern/project a lot. It becomes automatic when you do it often…


if there’s an outage while you’re playing with it, yes. even if you’ve saved your patterns. have to actually power it off manually to write them to memory.

No there s another nuance. If you save pattern/project, then power cuts, powering on will not recall the saved state. But you can then load the project manually and it will be there as saved. So the active/working project is separate from it and only saved when powering down properly. This should really be in the manual (elektron has been notified of this).



Thanks so does an ‘outage’ (or cord yank) only wipe patterns that have not been saved? (like the one you are working on if you haven’t saved it) or have you found that an outage can also wipe patterns that have been previously saved? (ie: older patterns that have always been there after power on/off cycles)

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Only unsaved ones. But you have to remember to load the project manually.

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It s helpful to make a dummy pattern and try the effects of the different options. That s how i found out these things.

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Did this ever get addressed by Elektron?

I save pattern for M:S and M:C all the dang time but nothing persists unless I save the project or hold the power button until it saves the pattern.

Is there a shortcut for saving project so I can be proper lazy and still have my changes persist?

I don’t think it’s regarded as an issue. I think that’s just the way it works.

That would be nice to have for situations where the power supply is at risk, e.g. sitting on sofa where power cable may get jogged and disconnected.

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Aha! So this is what happened to me when I thought I lost about 10 song ideas, was really bummed out about it, and a few days later they were all there. Surprise surprise!

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