Model:Cycles sequencing external gears : polyphony?

I may miss the info in the manual but here is my question :

Im trying to send midi sequence from the model:Cycle to my JD-Xi and I cant find a way to send 2 notes from the same trig ? Is that impossible ?

The Midi Out from the Model Series stuff is only a basic mirroring of the track’s basic note settings and as polyphony is not possible on either device it’s not possible to control anything externally in anything other than a mono way per track

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Thank you, very clear !

Is that the same with the Digis ?

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no, they have dedicated MIDI tracks which offer midi polyphony

the Syntakt has MIDI machines and tbh (as I don’t use it for midi) I’m a bit sketchy on whether it has polyphony or is just monophonic for compatibility across all track ‘machine’ types

but DN and DT do have polyphony wrt MIDI

Edit : Syntakt has 4 note poly


Oh yeah, I see what you mean, I’m gonna ask the syntakt users because I’m thinking about buying one.

Thanks !

see edit above - 'tis 4 note poly :wink:

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Syntakt MIDI tracks are indeed 4-note poly each, but you can assign multiple MIDI tracks too!

I wonder if anyone has made all twelve tracks MIDI yet? 48 NOTE POLYPHONY!?
Maybe a little overkill.


Some people took Syntakt a bit as a joke but this thing is definitely a beast. Really better thought out than it appeared at first.