Model: Cycles Trig Preview

I know there’s already a feature request put in, I’ve actually put in one myself.
Coming from a Digi series background, I find the lack of Trig Preview (Trig+Yes on the Digis) to be extremely limiting, and not in a good way.

Fundamentally, my workflow on the Digitone revolves around creating a simple sound, say a kick, and then using Trig Preview to completely mess it up with p-locks and become something different on the same track.

I really wanted to use the Cycles this way and I find I’m having to develop a whole new workflow to use it due to the lack of this feature.

Obviously, the Model series doesn’t have a Yes button, but surely some other button combination can be used?

Anyone else feel the same way?
Is there any word from Elektron about future Cycles updates at all?


I feel the same. It is crazy to be not able to hear what you do on a music device. :slight_smile:

Currently, if doing more melodic stuff, I simply try to play it in in realtime, after trying around without recording before. If it is more rhythmic oriented, I simply let the loop play. This works bad, if the loop is very long, though.


Yeah there are few things I’d want in a FW update and this is one of them… I guess [TRIG] + [PLAY]?

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I submitted one not too long ago for this, my suggestion was hold trig + press TRACK to get a trig preview since that’s not an already-existing secondary function

hoping it’s implemented in some way cause it would make my workflow so much more efficient :heart_eyes:


Haha, thats funny since that’s EXACTLY what I tried when I first got the device. I was confused as to why it wasn’t working! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

trig + track would be perfect.


I agree with you 100%, but would also add something that indicates the difference between a p-locked trig and a trigless trig. Right now they both flash the same color and rate.

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just politely bumping this

being able to preview trigs would easily facilitate a much clearer workflow

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Trig preview would be perfect but when is a next upgrade? Is one expected or scheduled?

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Seems firmware upgrades are never pre-announced, they come out of the blue.

I so wish we had this! Trig preview on the Syntakt is in my top three reasons for why I may shell out for one.

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Haha, its funny you should say that. I thought that if I had the M:C I wouldn’t need the Syntakt… I was wrong! Now I have both and I’m kind of ok with accepting the limitations of the M:C as a creative tool and going all out with p-locking every step I want using the Syntakt which does have Trig Preview. It’s a tradeoff in terms of performance though since Syntakt doesn’t allow you to use Control All on the Machine, which I use all the time on the M:C.

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