Model on usb battery : noise issue using more than one model per battery

I plan few month ago to have a portable setup for making music using only Elektron model sample and cycle.
And all using usb battery.

I discover something that I was not expecting. If I plug two Elektron Model on the same battery I have noise issue on the headphone.
No issue if I put them on two different battery.
Same happen if I use a usb wall charger.
So if at some point you have noise issue try to use one power source per device.
It seem to have an impact.

Curious how people manage those kind of setup.
And if they had the same issue trying to plug multiple device on the same usb power source.
Here is mine which work flawlessly with midi.

Stuff used :
LINDY Câble Adaptateur USB vers Prise DC 1,35/3,5mm, 1,5m

GIARIDE Batterie Externe 24000mAh 85W 220V Sortie AC 3 USB 5V (2.1A / 1A) LCD Batterie de Secours Chargeur Portable Port Powerbank LED Lampe pour MacBooks, Laptops, Cameras, Camping

Belkin Rockstar Adaptateur multicasques pour Smartphone et Tablette (Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR/X, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy Note9, S10 / S10+ / S10e)

Ground loop isolator should do it, one for each machine.

Like this, probably much cheaper on Aliexpress

Thanks for the hint @darenager !
I will buy some of those ground loop isolator from Ali Express to see how it’s behaving.
I dislike the idea of taking two battery with me on my bag if I can take only one.

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wait you can power these on usb?

You can’t power M:C and M:S via the micro USB port, no. But you can use a USB power brick with the right adapter.

aah I just realised the usb and power socket are next to one another. Trick of the eye!

thanks for clearing that up

I recently bought an adapter “USB to DC 3.5mm / 1.35mm 5V DC Barrel Jack Power Kabel” on Amazon. You can decide, there is also another power connector on the left of the Models, behind a cap of gum. This one has a bigger diameter. I chose to power my MC from the backside.

These are the specifications, both center positive:
Back: 3.5 x 1.35 mm, 5 V
Left: 5,5 x 2.1, 4-10 V