Model:Samples MIDI CCs

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Sorry to start a new thread, but I’ve been trying to find the answer to this and can only see more general MIDI implementation being discussed.

I’m experimenting using M:S as a MIDI control surface with Live, so that I’m not just mousing around when making patterns. I’ve got it sending note data just fine, but Live doesn’t seem to be picking up encoder data.

Can anyone provide a little more detail on how it sends encoder data as CCs, and how i can implement?

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Thanks – how are you even getting the manual MIDI mapping? Live isn’t picking up any encoder movements from mine, though I seem to have everything set up correctly.

The instructions in that thread work well for me. The problem I have is that many of the encoders only output a limited range (such as pitch).
Which of the instructions are you having problems with?

You know what, you’re right – I thought PCH Out was only for programme changes, i.e. pattern changes/voice presets. I didn’t realise that was inhibiting sending the encoder data too. I can now assign them manually.

Thanks very much! And sorry for the confusion. Shame about the scaling, but I think I’ll be OK to work with/around it.