MODEL SAMPLES: Stupid Question / Quick Answers

Do you have any one off quick questions that you just can’t figure out on Model?

Something you can’t find in the manual and want a quick answer?

Maybe we can do it here.

I will start.

How do you shift the notes you have entered to the left or right? (Like on Digitakt/Digitone in which you use the arrows)?

Is there a set of buttons that sort of act like the arrows on Model?(similar function)

Is there an piece of software that allows for audio visualization of the samples? If not, this would be amazing. In particular, the sample length and start features are cool, but with no visual reference, seems like 2 whole knobs are not needed for that. Maybe just me.

Do you have any quick “silly” questions about Model Samples myself or someone else can answer for you?

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In grid recoding mode you hold down TRACK and turn the LEVEL/DATA knob to shift the trigs left or right.

Having access to start and end of sample allows changes to be made per step, not just set and forget, really useful!


Is it possible to trigger an external instrument after press play on the M:S? Or the only way to do this, is by muting the track and unmuting? Thanks

Thank you sir!

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I don’t know but I will try it out this weekend and get back to you.

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Is it possible to delete a sample in the sound locks folder? Even after deleting the trig with the sound locked sample that sample still sits in the sound locks folder…

This is a stupid question - I have my daw set to sync To midi and model samples to recieved midi clock and it’s synced up to the clock…

how do I get the sequencer to always restart when I hit start stop instead of continuing from last step played?

Obvious work around is hit stop button on the MS but I wanted something cleaner.

I think I got my digitone to do this but don’t remember how.

I’m not finding anything specific on max length of an individual sample. I’d like to use the MS as a faux tape loop machine, essentially keeping the MS as a catalog of sample tape loops as foundations for other tracks (via Digitone and Digitakt). I love the workflow of the DT and being able to sample directly into the box but the :30, even bringing in a sped up sample and pitching down is a little limiting.

Full disclosure, I don’t own an MS but am very tempted by the current sale.


The DT sample time limit is only for live sampling. If you use transfer you can put samples as long as you like. This is the same for the m:s, as it only adds samples using transfer there really isn’t a sample length limit.


Whaaaaaaaaaaattttttt. I’ve owned the DT for over a year and I typically use the live sampling unless I’m uploading a sample pack from someone else. That’s amazing and life changing.

Now, what excuse do I give my wife when I buy a Samples?

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Is there something like a “not CHANCE” TRIG condition?

I want to add CHANCE to all my Tracks, but want to keep a minimal groove going on. Something, thats always playing. I know I can get this by setting the “always on trig” to FILL, but I’m already using FILL as FILL… :slight_smile:

A quick workaround I thought of instantly would be to maybe bounce that groove and import it as a sample onto one track and when you chance all, hopefully that groove track triggers most of the time. :man_shrugging:

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Something about a younger model that she won’t mind you spending time with? :grin:

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Yeah, that’s not going to fly. Especially if I’m spending a lot of that time very hands on, fiddling with the knobs.

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There is no such thing as a stupid question.
Chin up.

Does MS have anything like the Analog Isolator EQ that is on the Volca Sample?

No, just a single filter that can morph between high and low pass with resonance.
You can high/low pass all channels simultaneously too using the Ctrl All feature mind.

I found a way:

Since TRIG conditions “overwrite” CHANCE, you can simply apply 99% TRIG condition to a step.
It’s not 100% sure that the TRIG will trigger, but at least 99% that it does, no matter how big/small CHANCE is set. Thats awesome!


can you plock changes to the delay parameters?

hey all, my question…
is there a way to copy a “kit” to another pattern within a song?
more specifically, say I start with pattern 1, set up all the sounds, fx, levels etc, then I copy that to pattern 2, change all the trigs into a different variation…
I then want to be able to go back and forth between the two patterns adjusting the sounds, fx, levels etc, SO if I’m in pattern 1 and I turn the kick down a bit, eq the snare, change a hi hat sample etc, is there some way to update pattern 2 to have all these same changes?
I’ve tried copying the tracks and it didn’t seem to copy the master volume of that track which is one of the main things I’d be tweaking and there’s no numerical display either…
copy a pattern with everything except trigs is another way of saying it I think?
basically I want the same drums in all my patterns and to be able to tweak that “kit” as I go.
sorry for the long explanation and thanks if anyone knows anything!