Model samples tool for sample configuration

Is there a tool for mac or win which can handle the designation of samples to the tracks?
Or is just the way via the tiny display on the device?

You can manually assign any sample to any track, but if you mean regarding the “Load Whole Directory” function where you can load 6 samples in one go to the 6 tracks, that’s just based on them being the first 6 tracks in the directory, and the order that they’re listed.

So if you have 6 samples you want to assign to particular tracks, name them in such a way that they appear in that order. Easiest way would be to start the file names with the numbers 1-6, but an alphabetical order would work too.

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Thank you,
I will try this out - sounds not to complicated.

My hope was something convinient like overbridge GUI to manage the samples designation to the tracks.

But I am sure your method is only a question of practice to become quick with this workflow.