Model:Samples Transport Control


A question for other Model:Sample owners out there.

Does anyone know if the Model:Samples will respond to Midi Transport START and STOP but use the internal midi clock?

I have a Model 24, and it sends Midi Transport and Midi Timecode. I know the samples doesn’t respond to timecode but I was hoping it would respond to transport controls. I have been testing it with Pocket Midi, sending Start and Stop activates the start stop buttons but the sequences don’t run as it also wants the external clock.

Thanks in advance!

I believe not.

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Thats a real shame!

If I remember correctly from my (very old) tape days, the JL Cooper PPS-100 could take an MTC/SMPTE input and spit out clock and transport that any MIDI sequencer could synchronize to.

They run about $50-$90 used