Model: Samples velocity recording

I’m considering getting the M:S and am very tempted by the features as well as the velocity-sensitive pads (not to mention the sale)

I was wondering, is the velocity recorded when playing live? That would help my workflow, instead of having to add it to every note like on my Digitone.

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Yes! Velocity is recorded live.

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But the built in pads are not the best…
Compared to my cheap lpd 8 akai controller they lack nuances.
Unfortunately there is no sensivity setup in the model samples…

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Thanks for letting me know!

I bought one and loving it. The pads feel good to me, even though I know they’re not everyone’s fave. The fact that velocity is recorded and can easily be edited makes all the difference.

It’s replacing my DrumBrute. Love the workflow of it however lack of velocity (regular or accent just isn’t the same) and the sampling capability and delay and reverb of the M:S, much less it’s smaller size was an easy sell.