Modest fantasies?

Does anyone’s daydreaming about synths and other material goods lack a certain grandiose bent? If I could have any gear I wanted at this point I would ask a genie for a 3rd Wave and a Dominion 1. I would say similar about houses and cars. Give me a small cottage on an acre in a country with a stabile government that isn’t the US and a 70s Alfetta Sedan and I would be content…


Alfetta sedan -numero uno!


I had a 76 in my mid-20s… looking at the prices I guess it isn’t such a modestly priced fantasy anymore as I bought mine for like 3k and they now seem to sell for over 20k!

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Slicing on digitakt


With the recent addition of A4 and Digitone, I finally feel like I have everything I need …


I’ll be more likely to afford a MacBeth Elements…

but yes that does sound very nice :slight_smile:

How do you like the A4 for industrial?

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It’s awesome and sounds huuuuuge, I’ll have some A4 industrial (and other stuff) on my yt channel coming up soon :wink:



No Dominion1 on the used market?

yes, any kind of income that would allow me to live without full-time daily job…

ok, even 4-day workweek would be awesome for a start.


i was about to buy A4 mk1 with very similar intentions at some point.
but changed my mind in favor of smaller machines (Ambika for EBM/industrial and DSI Tetra for goa trance).

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I’m doing this for 6 months, it really is great.

My modest fantasy is not for riches or luxury synths, it’s just for time to use what I’ve got and explore my hobbies.


exactly. why have gear at all if there’s no time to use it?


Damn right. Time and energy are the real wealth. My hobbies are perfectly aligned to the lifestyle of the lucky generation that got to retire at 60 and then live relatively comfortably for the next 30 years. That’s all I want, some gardening, woodworking, mucking with music and general pottering about.


It’s a great feeling!


I would love to have a painting studio big enough for me to paint huge 2x4m oil paintings.
Also a place to start sculpting would be so nice. I have a cattle shed/barn I’m planning to convert into an art space next spring.


Being able to afford anything is a bonus in my eyes. Especially with costs of everything rising.

I’d like a good quality classic scratch mixer, another turntable with space and a table to have them always setup. Add my production table beside them and all hooked up together and I’d be happy.


Making music!

This also sounds awesome! I’d add a pond on that acre though.


I’d really like all my gear to work again.


That’s where I’m at. I mainly just want a small desktop synth. For different reasons I’m interested in the Circuit Tracks, the East Beast, and the Nymphes.

I don’t have space for anything bigger. And, for the foreseeable future, having the funds for anything more expensive than a used Circuit Tracks seems pretty unlikely.

I think that’s why I don’t day dream about something grander than that. I would love to add an A4 to my set up, or try out the Octatrack or an Akai Force. There’s no way I can afford any of those. I would also need to get a new table and have someone help me haul out my desk. None of that is going to happen.

But having an extra 300 for a used Circuit Tracks is definitely in the realm of possibility.


At the moment I’ve 5 main bits of kit. Anything new that comes in something has to be sold. No luxury buys for a good while.

Plenty of great bits of kit to be had without paying thousands. Circuit tracks a great example.