Modular Stands

I’ve noticed those Jasper stands are available under various brand names, and since they’re just different brand names for the same system, they all have the same components available for them.

I plan to invest in building myself the perfect stand once I’ve moved house. But before I invest in a particular stand system, I’m wondering if there’s any others I should check out, just in case there’s a stand system out there with even more options available than Jaspers.

I haven’t found any in my searches, but it can’t hurt to ask just in case!

Cant really go wrong with Jaspers tbh… i think its de facto the most featured A frame at the best price point

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I’m after creating an arc-like arrangement so I don’t want an A-Frame design, but the components that are used to build the A-Frame (the hinge component for example) would come in handy for creating a free angle if I were to rotate it 90 degrees.

Depends where you are located … Beside some Jaspers I have König & Meyer racks and stands. Very trustworthy and flexible to set up.