Modulation - Only one LFO per track?

I just got my AR, and something has me confused.

Is there really only one LFO per track? I was expecting to see a whole list of them.

I’m coming from the MD and the Octatrack – many LFOs that can mod other LFOs and stuff! The idea of only having one source of modulation for all this delicious analog circuitry is heartbreaking. Am I missing something?

The only thing you are missing is more LFOs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Fingers crossed for the next OS update!

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Yes agreed its a bit of a shame, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came in an update. In the meant ime theres always PERF mode :slight_smile:

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Heh, I’m an Octatrack owner remember. I’ve long since given up waiting for new OS features from Elektron.

I just assumed there would be more modulation. I guess I should have payed more attention. Feeling a bit of buyers remorse at the moment. The unmet potential really bothers me.

To keep this thread from being a bitch fest, I’ll offer what I’ve learned so far about getting modulation complexity from the AR:

  • Use performance mode in combination with MIDI CC from an Octatrack

  • Layer multiple sounds that make use of that one precious LFO - think in terms of occupying certain ranges, mid, low, high.

  • Take two tracks that share a voice and use tons of slides between trigless locks.

The LFO is software/digital, so it should be easy to clone a few more LFO generators in the AR. My feeling is that there’s a limitation on the destination which is quite often a real analog thing instead of a digital/software thing. Anyway, I hope they can add at least one more per track.

Yeah, I’m assuming a couple things:

  • The DSP is available. The supported complexity of the performance and scene modes would indicate that there is enough DSP to power a couple more LFOs.

  • The hardware would support it. I would guess that the destination for the LFOs and everything else is routed/summed digitally before it hits any DACs.

This is why I was so surprised to find the modulation lacking. The MD has had complex LFOs for years. The design thinking is already there.

FWIW I’ll rather take unlimited parameter locks over a second LFO any day… Sure it’s more time consuming but well worth the effort :wink:

Even though this topic is over 6 years old, now that Digitakt has two LFO’s per track, wouldn’t it be fair to request this incredible feature for the AR again? Elektron: do you have anything cooking for us AR users?


That’s my dream…

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coming from trading in my Tempest (menus were too clunky) for the ARmkii, I was also confused and annoyed with only one single LFO w/ one destination per track

Is it possible to assign any machine to any track ? And so to layer any sounds on any same voice ?

No. The analogue circuits in the AR differ between different tracks, as described in the MACHINES appendix in the manual.


yes an extra LFO per track would not be excessive , in the meantime i was surprised the 2 expression pedals inserts could be used with CV from modular stuff for extra modulations on the mk2 ( not sure on mk1 as i don’t own one )

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Please, Elektron, can we have the second page of LFO on the rytm as well? Its sooo much better on A4 and Digitakt. There must be some extra juice in the device to add this feature.

If you have any midi lfos (MD, OT, DT, DN), give it a try! It works so well. I usually use the AR lfo for fm or as a fast second envelope, all the slower modulation is coming from OT. Would be a shame to waste that precious lfo designer, wouldn’t it?

Some stuff just responds exceptionally well to midi modulation.


Thats a good idea. Another option is if Overbridge works tightly for you, to use DAW LFO’s on Overbridge parameters. I am struggling to get Overbridge tight right now so I can’t use it for this, but your OT idea I can do.

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If you own MK2 version there are 2 CV ins that are assignable to any parameters, or if you have time, you should deep dive into velocity modulation, it makes the rytm goes on higher level.
I still believe one day they will add second lfo but atm I’m fine with limitation.


Welcome @manokovacs!

Another suggestion to add to the single LFO on Rytm — live record modulation with your hands! I do this a lot on all my Elektron boxes; oftentimes its easier for me to “play” the modulation I want than to figure out the right combo of LFO parameters to recreate what I hear in my head.

It’s also very fast and immediate which appeals to my diminishing attention span.


Thank you all for the suggestions. Every direction is a great workaround. I use plocks and live rec for a workaround, suggested by @your_lamp, for me that is the closest to a second LFO that I can store with the kit. I did not know I have 2 CV ins :smiley:

However, it would be much more convenient if we had a second page of LFO. It might depends on the CPU cap the rytm has but LFO does not seem to be a demanding feature. By expressing the feature request to Elektron, I hope they consider to add this, and make Rytm an even better king of all devices than it already is.

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Agreed. Hit them up officially. They “don’t look at the board”: