Mohr - listOf() FFO BoC/Lorn and "feeling a bit unsettled but in a good way"

Got right back into making more electronic music during lockdown, having been concentrating on metal for the last few years in my band Hundred Year Old Man

I ended up making 6 tracks into a mini-alum which is out today - free/pay what you feel on Bandcamp:

Also available on streaming services if you can find it, links to the major ones here:

All based around a Digitone and Digitakt with some other synths over the top.


Good sound ⇒ :beer:

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Thank you very much, and thank you for buying to too!!

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Listening again to your album while programming in Kotlin… :nerd_face:

This is a really good album!
I found some Cortini and Lorn vibes in there…

My favorite track might be “item_2”

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I would not have expected anyone to mention Kotlin in here. I’m a tester also working on Kotlin projects!

Can definitely attest to being a massive fan of both Lorn and NIN too. :wink:

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You already did, in the very title of this thread :smile:

My ears were right!

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Made a music video for item_04 from this album over the last few nights:

All free stock footage edited in iMovie.


Diggin it, nice job :ok_hand:

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Just listened. I was bummed when it ended, I enjoyed it a ton. Really nice work.


Just bought this today (Bandcamp day!) and have to say I’m absolutely loving it. Great work.

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Thank you very much!!
Hoping to get more done asap :slightly_smiling_face:

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