Mono Ext Input-> Digitone-> OB-> Bitwig


Bitwig only seeing ext in as stereo, anyone know how to run it as mono in bitwig?

Hello, hm after a loot of trying with the tool device i found someone who wrote he uses 2 tool devices (on 1 track) for something, one for panning left or right, and then another one for reducing width.
Still confusing visually, but i think that works for applying different vst effects after creating 2 audio tracks for the ext channels.

( for me its just for trying anyway, too complex, but would be nice for a external mono synth and a drum for example).
Advanced users seem to use (not dn-related) a tool for mono and freq split or similar before.

But…maybe i miss something, i think the ext can not be removed from main as the 4 tracks and efx on dn(?)