Mono input left and right in ableton


How do I mono/centre the input L&R track in ableton?


Use the Utility tool in your channel.


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Thanks. Yeah tried that and doesn’t really work. It just reduces the signal. I guess I’ll just have to push it through the main and stereo it…

I just loaded up a VST with loads of stereo spread, added a Utility and Izotope Insight. It changes the levels slightly when mono’ed but you can adjust that with the gain knob.

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Not sure if I have explained myself properly. I know how the utility/mono plug works in ableton.

I’m trying to dual mono the input L/R of the digitakt into ableton with overbridge. I tried the mono utility but it didn’t work properly.

I’m guessing you’re trying the Width at 0 - that won’t work.

Instead use 2x Utility devices, one per audio track:
in Utility’s Stereo dropdown, change one to Left and the other to Right.