Monomachine audio input issue

I am running my MDUW via audio in. I have track 6 on mnm set to fx-thru. I have amp values such as attack. Delay etc set to 127. It worked fine to begin with. I saved my kits etc turned off the boxes to return to do more design later. Turned my boxes on, no sound into mnm audio in. Checked my settings again, even resaved thru machine again and reset all values. Still no audio. Any ideas? Spent 3 hours getting audio working and its getting frustrating now so looking for a second mind on this.
Ps I can hear mduw sound through headphones no problem. I have fx-thru set to input AB. Seems to be an issue on the mnm side with input.

Do you have a trig on track 6?

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I thought I did, just checked, did not. Thanks Peter working now. Strange how the trig disappeared as it was there before.

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:crystal_ball: monomagic :crystal_ball:

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I want to run a simple X/Y synth into my MM. I followed the instructions in the manual. I created a thru FX machine on channel 6 but the last step of the process is to trig it and I don’t know what they mean by that. I know what a trig is but I do not understand what it means in this context. Thank you

PS - are there any other settings to check besides creating an FX thru machine? On my OT I had to turn up the input volume setting somewhere in the menus to hear my MM through it.

I just did this a few days ago so its fresh. For your track 6, place a trig on your first sequencer step.
Also, turn your Fx thru amp settings to 127 for attack, decay, sustain, release. Make sure when you allocate fx thru machine, you set your inputs and outputs correctly.

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Thanks but still no love. It says my input is neighbor, is that right? I hope so because it won’t let me change it.

OK I was able to change the input to “A” but I STILL get no sound!

DUH! The battery in my little synth was dead! Working now! Thanks

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Great. The trig had me stumped for a bit too. Easy to miss.