Monomachine hardware test expected results

Hey forumers,

What are the expected results of the Monomachine hardware test? I can’t seem to find this documented. My Mnm is behaving somewhat possessedly and I want to give it a proper test but don’t know what I’m looking for.

When I press keys in hardware test, various LEDs light up, but they don’t always correspond to the key that I hit. Some combinations cause all of the LEDs to light. Can anyone confirm what they see in hardware test on a working Monomachine (MKII). Thanks.

please make a vid (you have a smartphone?) post it on youtube (you have account )

have your hand clearly visible which button you press… then I (we) can reenact

sounds good?

good idea, TrabanT. Thanks for the suggestion.

Here’s my video! All 45 fascinating seconds of it…

Please let me know if this is what you guys see!

that’s MM normal behavior in test mode

@guga thanks for the reply - even the way that it seems like the “wrong” LEDs light up when i press buttons? that’s normal?

Except for the few ones (LEDs) that your hand covered (and knobs you didn´t test) when going over all of them: I would say it looks pretty normal from here.

Given that, what are the problems you´re experiencing?

Sometimes certain buttons can get stuck with the panel, which could possibly set the monomachine (and/or any of Elektron units actually) in a kind of ‘locked’ condition. Where certain function seems inaccessible or unresponsive.