Monomachine mk2 for a Access Virus?

Hi, at the beggining of the week, here in my hometown, somebody offered me a Access Virus TI Desktop for my Monomachine mk2.

Is it a good trade or a bad trade?

I’m only using the VA machines on the Monomachine anyway, and I’ve always been blown away by the sound of Access Virus synths. But I dunno.

What do you think elektronauts?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Bad trade. Just compare prices.


I got my monomachine in my country (Argentina) for like $900 USD and i don’t think i can sell it higher prices either. It’s the MK2 version but without the +Drive

Adding the plus drive is a couple of hundred euros at Elektron HQ. With plus drive upgrade, you can clear well over 2000 dollars selling it.


I’ve got both.

On the financial side, Reverb shows the Mk2 MnM bouncing between about $2500 and $3000. The Virus TI2 desktop seems to range from $1300 to $1500. If money is a primary concern, then I’d ask for additional cash, or hold out for a Virus Polar - a more comparable value.

From a sonic perspective, if you only care about the VA side of the MnM, then the Virus is more powerful, more immediate and should be more satisfying. If I were you, I’d sell the MnM on Reverb rather than locally, and then look for a good deal on the Virus you prefer.

If you would like to be generous, and want a virus now, then do the trade.


I never thought I’d do it but I just sold my MM MK2 + for just shy of $2400.
I loved it’s quirkiness but wasn’t using it enough and wanted something to replace it that I’ll get more mileage out of.

I don’t know the Access Virus so well but it doesn’t look like it’s worth a swap in terms of financial value. You’d probably do better to sell and buy and have some money left over?

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Can you sell on Reverb?

You can make close to $2000 USD minus any shipping bloat for international sale.

It’s in-demand, even mki. And Viruses are numerous / still in production! The MM is definitely more valuable.

I retired early after a head injury. (Fully recovered now, but it took a couple of years to recover from a severely bruised brain caused by an undetected blood clot.) Sold my MM mkii to help fund early retirement. Hated to sell it, but could not pass up the $2300 I got for it. Also sold a Virus TI2LE gunmetal for $1700. I would not make that trade.