Monomachine MKII Sound Packs

I’m looking to find custom kits made by other people. I can’t seem to find very much about anyone posting their own kits. I see that Elektron released a number of sound packs but I’m trying to find out if there is more out there. Where can I find custom kits or sound packs?

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Welcome to the forum. If you search ‘monomachine sound packs’ or ‘monomachine kits’ on Google a lot of hits come up. My first first one, personally, if I had a monomachine would be to download the Autechre SysEx files.

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Thanks for the reply. So far all I have really found is Oxford Overdrive, Nicholas Lem Collection, Immortal Waves, Booster Pack and the Autechre SysEx files. Just curious if I’m missing out on more.

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Have you had a look in the “files” section of this forum ? There is some good stuff there for the Monomachine.


I actually have three on bandcamp right now!

The Lem one is really good. Showed me how to make a good kick and generally get the most of the MNM.

The Autechre one is good too of course, but its starting points for live tweaking. It’s not like they actually never use the 1 band EQ. Bear that in mind.

There’s also this guy who has provided some sysex: