Monomachine or Analog 4 for deep sound design?

For those of you who are familiar and experienced with synthesis and music,

which elektron machine would you suggest for deep sound design between the Monomachine and Analog Four?

I want a machine that can excel at and is capable of producing and achieving complex and interesting timbres, sidebands, harmonics, overtones, partials, frequencies…

I know the Analog Four has polyphony, stackable and multi timbral capabilities, which can add to richness in sound, but I believe the modulation possibilities are not as advanced as on the Monomachine, so I know there are pros and cons to both and I’m trying to figure out which would be better.

I suggest going through the "Media’ section of the site and listening to some examples from members. There have been some nice MnM videos as of late.

Both are deep, A4 plays nice with CV and its filters are top notch. MnM can midi sequence outboard gear and has very deep digital synthesis capabilities

check out this thread

Thanks. That helped a lot actually.

If you want to create sounds you’ve never heard before, or that you can’t yet imagine …something from another world, then I’d say Monomachine.

It also has a poly mode, plus two more voices than the A4’s poly.

Monomachine. Definitely. Of course if you like digital glitter sounds.

golden rule : when it comes to unique & interesting sound design :

Monomachine FTW. nothing else beats it. :+1:

MNM without doubt

disclaimer: i don’t own an a4. but w/ that said:

aside from the mnm’s formidable modulation possibilities, think another structural level upwards … consider the fact that you have six tracks, each of which can be configured as either voices or effects, then connected into buses and chains of buses.

plus the ability to process outside sound … both synths can do this but again, on the mnm it can be routed anywhere in the aforementioned signal chain(s).

each track’s lfo’s cannot be aimed at other tracks. other than that constraint, i feel few limitations i don’t bring to the table myself.