Monomachine or OB-6 to pair with OT and MD

Hi there,

Ive found a Monomachine for the same price as an OB-6 Desktop (2nd hand) which is about 1800EUR and im thinking to buy one of them. Im totally in love with my MD and OT and I want to buy an desktop synth.

I know this is digital VS analog but i cant decide which one im going to go for…

What would you have done if you could decide between the Monomachine and Ob-6 (desktop)?

Choose the one that you are least likely to find again.


Yeah and that would of course be the Monomachine, the thing is - is it really worth 1800EUR? the MK2 with NO +Drive,

is such an steep pricetag if you compare for example the Analog 4 which i can find MK 1 for about 450EUR…

BUT… I totally LOVE my MD and I guess that would be the same if i get the MnM


even for 1800EUR? Without the +Drive but its an MK2

Absolutely, if its in good condition.
The OT+MnM is my fav combo. They’re just perfect together.

But the MD and MnM wouldnt be too much the same? Guess not…

And also about the +Drive, is it worh 1800EUR without the +Drive?

They do have similarities but still. It’s such a great combination. I do love the ob-6 too. A great sounding synth but easy to buy later unlike the MnM.

I just sold my MD an hour ago though.
I feel I can do all the drum and synth duties with the OT and MnM.

How would you resolve that question without trying it?

How can you determine whether you want an analogue polysynth or a digital groovebox? How would either option affect the music that you make?

Thats why I asked.

The Monomachine will keep its value. You will practically rent it for free.

Therefore do not worry so much.

The worst case is probably that you will sell it after a few years, and only loose a few (hundred) euros.

That is if you take care of your gear of course :slight_smile:


Aesthetically the need to have 3 same sized boxes with 3 glorious sequencers is candy for the eyes.

That said, they are completely different. Pick the sound you are after and go for it. I recently sold my MnM because as quirky as it is, I just didnt gel with the sound.

I’ve had the OB-6 KB version since it came out and the sweetspot for the sound I’m after is gloriously wide.

The MnM will allow you to use it in many ways, but it does, as all Elektron boxes, require time to get the best out of it.

The OB-6 has no menu diving… easy to understand signal chain and that filter is just to die for.

Good luck