Monomachine plus drive value?

Hi there, I recently bought a monomachine through Reverb (from a reputable European shop) and the photo clearly showed the machine to be a SFX60+, but when it arrived today it’s not a + drive! … I can’t afford to send it back from Australia to Belgium, so what would you suggest is a reasonable compensation from the seller?? Thanks

Just as a reference point: the +drive upgrade cost for a MKII was (is?) around €290.-



“the seller is responsible for that return shipping cost”


They are selling them at 2k and they didn’t even make the effort to take real picture of the item :face_vomiting:


From memory it was around $500au to get the plus drive installed from audio chocolate in Melbourne before the distributor changed.

Did you bought it from turnlab?



I thought +drive upgrades were not available, but I was wrong. Carry on!

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They ended up giving me a bit of a refund (not as much as I’d like but :man_shrugging:) and I’m keeping the mnm mk2 (no + drive) because it’s in good condition and it’s so hard to find them in Australia. All up with shipping I paid €1120 … pretty expensive, but the prices are now quite crazy.

Its actually close to a fair price have seen the + drive versions go for 2200 - 2500 AUD recently. Maybe drop elektron a support ticket to see if they can still do the drive upgrade and how much it will cost. worth trying.

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Surprised turnlab did this… they’re quite reputable

+Drive upgrades are still available for the Monomachine and Machinedrum; I just had my Monomachine upgraded with a +Drive at Elektron’s LA facility a couple weeks ago


I can confirm the same is true in Europe, at least regarding my Machinedrum

Confirmed - Had my MNM upgraded in June last year so I think they still do them :slight_smile:

Thanks! Would you recommend the upgrade - does it give you much more than before?

Is it Turnlab?

I asked info on the manufacturing date of the Monomachine you bought but their answer was vague and did not convince me and in the end I did not buy it.

They have put a picture of another MnM they were selling months ago…maybe.

I would ask for a return at their cost per Reverb policy.

Check to confirm this, but the one true nice thing about +Drive upgrade is that you can save many projects (called “snapshots” in MD/MnM jargon).
If you don’t have +Drive, you can still export and import sysex.

I would definitely keep it.
It is a very special synth! Well, maybe not really a 2k€ synth, but still it is pretty uncommon, unique even.

Looks like it’s still in the knowledge base and was updated a year ago, so maybe it’s still possible as long as you have a MkII: +Drive upgrade : Knowledge Base (Beta)

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It seems like they’ve tried hard to achieve as many Monos in the last few months as possible. Given that, I can imagine that they could not tell you the manufacturing date as they did not know which unit would be the one you’d get. Same with the +drive issue… They probably just kept their listing online, using it for as many Monos as they had/have.
Have been lucky, the local seller I got my Mono from got an offer from turnlab but declined as he noticed that they are only scoring it in order to resell…
Never been in touch with turnlab, but this actually makes me feel like they are pushing prices on the used market…

I need to re read the Reverb policy but i think they are not complying fully with it.