Monomachine Problem, help needed!

Hi, i got a problem with my monomachine, i can’t exit the grid recording mode. °@!!&%* anyone knoew what’s wrong??

Sorry the fool question. Still happens switching it off, then back on?

You mean you entered grid mode and when you pres rec again its not leaving this mode? Contact the support. My guess the button is broken then.

yeah fuck that shit! i contacted, but i think they are in weekend :slight_smile: hope i can fix it by myself otherwise i think i’m looking for an access virus. I’m disappointed…

Ah man things like this can happen with any piece of hardware, even with a Virus. Just contact the support on monday, or call them on monday and together you will sort it out. Just be patient. Its going to be fine. My first Monomachine got a broken LCD, Elektron fixed it and it was all fine then.