Monomachine Reaper Question

I love processing external gear with my Monomachine (synths, drum machines, etc). But now I want to try and process vocals I recorded via my DAW, Reaper.

Does anyone know how to route this in Reaper?

I know the idea is to connect one of my Audio Interface’s outputs into one of the Monomachine’s inputs. And then of course, Monomachine Outputs into the Interface’s Inputs.

But does anyone know how to actually route this in Reaper? I’ve never done this sort of “Output to Input to Output” processing/recording.


On the track you want to process controls click “Route”. Under “Audio Hardware Output” select the appropriate channel(s). I would also disable Master on that track as that might cause mixing issues.

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Let’s see this is kind of like reamping, which I’ve done with my 18i20 before.

Since it’s a vocal, I assume it’s a mono signal? So take your vocal track, and tell it to be sent out through output 3 for instance (cause 1 and 2 are your master outs). Now take a quarter inch from output 3 and plug it into the input of the MnM. There might be some trickery here as in a reamp box may be desired… I’ve always been fuzzy on those details. But I THINK you’re going from line level to line level which means you should be fine.

Now take your MnM stereo out and plug it into two channels on your interface. Make a new track in Reaper and make the input the aforementioned stereo track. This will be sent out to the master. Now when you press play, you should hear the affected vocal track (and not the original, unless you duplicate and send to the master, which you might want to do).

I don’t think this will cause any feedback… But I’m always weary. I’m 90% sure this is how I set it up when I reamped a guitar months and months ago… I was able to hear the new recording of the guitar through my headphones just fine. I didn’t even have a reamp box either–and there it mattered more since I was going from line to instrument.

But I was using Studio One. My buddy and I tried desperately to get this to work in Logic on multiple occasions and we just couldn’t. All we got was feedback. We looked up tutorials and checked the routing over and over and still got nothing.

EDIT: I just checked my old session and this was exactly how I had it set up, so you should be fine with this. I labeled output 3 in my I/O setup “Sub 1” but I don’t think that matters–it was probably just a personal naming convention.

There will probably be some latency, so you’ll need to move the reamp version back a few MS. Just line it up.

Thank you to both of you for your responses!

Ofc the option of routing is the right way, but plugging pl from your audio interface earphones to the inputs of the mm gives you also the option of “saturate” before the fx, just an idea :slight_smile: