Monomachine sfx60 mk2 keyboard input issues

so ive had this thing for a while… many yerars and i am finally getting around to playing around o nit… and something very irritating is really bothering me …
that being the mini-keyboard / internal note sequencer… K !!!

MIDI. keyboard.


To quote myself :

equipment … and like… yes: i know about ther midi keybord thing… id ratgher tap a key at this point… what the fuck… is ther some workaround for this? or uhh. mayber somer kind of logicv that im not seeing on first glance? … i mean… come on…

MIDI keyboard is not the same … as aye🧿 have said in the post:
Only interested in quickly tapping out the notes … it is the way that aye🧿 work most comfortably … soh… if you’ve got any information as to what the tell the logic / pattern is to the internal mini-keyboard in grid mode … that would be more along the lines ov what i asked for than telling me that an auxiliary piece ov equipment is the only workaround for dis …… aye🧿 cannot believe that dis is the only “workaround” for my pint ov frustration here

If soh, that is a ridiculous cop-out on electron’s part … grief

this has been it’s behaviour for almost 20 years… you’ll get used to it

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Chill buddy, first post and you’re already getting defensive.

it’s pretty hard to read to be fair … and some would benefit from being toned right down

implicitly referring to our hosts as ‘assholes’ isn’t going to win you many friends

look through these if you want to get along, the confrontational attitude and tone has to go …


I’ve had multiple accounts here dating back 10 ore more years , thank you very likkle… and in that time ive not come across someone invalidating a users’ support request based on the endowment ov their post-count…

It was meant to :honeybee: light-hearted , and only as an expression ov m​:eye: frustration ewith dis particular issue and also the lack ov detail in the manual

Sorry to all I’ve offended …
aye🧿 feel similarly to most ov the redundant replies I’ve received

Volume knob was on eleven , ive since turned it down soh that it no longer clips as I’d like a cleaner tone

The keyboard actually works a treat !! I’ve got m👁 keystep going into it it’s rad

That’s great news! Although reading your first post I wasn’t sure what your problem was?

But glad it’s running smoothly now, MnM in poly mode with keys is a dream!

:eye: :thinking: :person_in_lotus_position: :no_entry_sign: :musical_keyboard: :one: :clock1: :clock2: :handshake: :musical_keyboard: :ok_hand:


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It’s not a bass station get over it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tldr!

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