Monomachine thru Machinedrum or vice versa?

Obviously there are plentiful tracks to use on the machinedrum and the monomachine requires a bit more budgeting , I’m concerned about the MDUW lowering the sound quality of the audio running through it. Does the MDUW do this for audio running through? Or is it just the internal samples where the bit rate will be changed?


No, Input machines don’t get downsampled. They pass the audio through with a gate & filter per track.


Brilliant! Thank you!


I’m finding that after some use, the sound quality does go down, but that is due to the fact that i filled up most of the 2.4mb with samples.

The md needs to keep some memory for a buffer, i think. So, if i’ve done some realtime sampling, the md will then auto-adjust the sampling rate of the a-d converting of the incoming audio.

So, best idea is to ensure that say 280k is “free” at all times.

this may be incorrect, but from what i’ve read over the years in the manual and on the forum, it seems to be correct.