Mooer ocean machine dual delay and reverb

Hey, anyone seen this yet? Seems like a cool, affordable atmosphere solution!
I am excited now! 250$

TW: guitar video


sounds really nice ! and not so expensive

Thopse sounds plus stereo line level AND MIDI at that price? Wow.

Looks real nice. Thanks for sharing.

Nice. I like the ambient guitar thing. As a big Stars of the Lid listener, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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This looks really cool! Might be a bit too much menu diving? Going to wait for comparisons with the top dogs, but it seems like a brilliant all-in-one. Potential alternative to TimeFactor+Space or BigSky+Timeline for a lot less money and smaller footprint.

This newer link puts the price slightly higher, $300 - $350 rrp.

Looks like it’s possible to use three fx at the same time? (reverb+ delay1+delay2) ?

I am a fresh owner of Strymon BigSKy bought with that BaxShopUK bargain price during black friday-------I would say…I would spend those money (hopefully it will not get higher…) for the Mooer !

Any news on release date?

Hi, I’m bumping this thread to know if anybody tried it ? I’m considering buying one but I read mixed reviews about the sound so I’m asking for advice.
Also, I’m asking here, because I want to know from a synth point of view, not a guitar one. I once bought a boss RV-6 reading only positive reviews about it, but it didn’t correspond to the kind of reverb you’d want for a synth.

I think @sezare56 has one of those, not sure if he uses it on synths/guitars.

watch the videos of “synth anathomy” - for the money its a nobrainer!

other great reverbs: tc hall of fame (80€ second hand, the new hof2 for 140€ new), ehx cathedral (150€ second hand / 250€ new), strymon blue sky (330€ new).

I got it at the end. The FXs are not bad, but they shine when cascaded giving some nice sustain, hence the name (I use it a lot on drone generator like the Weird Sound Generator).

At the beginning I was quite disappointed by the sound and harshness of the reverb section. Then, after a firmware update, they sort of tamed it and now is better.

I do not use at all some modes in delay and reverb…too much cheesy, like Dist-Verb(reverb) or Fuzzy(delayA) and I am not big fan of the modulated ones…but in its own chain can give some minor movement if needed.

You can decide the chain even using two Fxs in parallel and the third in series.


I don’t have it, I can’t stand blue. :slight_smile:
I have a Mooer Ge200, I use it for guitar only.

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Thanks for the answers, I think I’m gonna get it in the end. The midi specs allow for some crazy modulation using the digitakt. Now, if only it had the same case as the GE-200 it would be perfect x)

Hmmmm … not even the smurfs???


We call them Schtroumpfs in French / Belgian !
Real blue sky only (Not Strymon’s). :slight_smile:


Ok, sorry to associate you with an ugly blue pedal, will never do something like that again, ever.

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my om worked just fine for a few weeks and then it froze and remained stuck.

Do you know any solutions to the problem? Thanks!

Anyone? :frowning:

broken model D resonance knob, frozen ocean machine! buddy, check your voltages or chase the ghost that’s after your gear.

Not enough info to go on, but you could try re installing the latest firmware. Also make sure you are using the correct power supply.