Moog DFAM Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

Hello all! The time has come to release another pack from the vaults, this time from the Moog DFAM! This pack features 88 sounds from the Drummer From Another Mother - 24 kicks, 24 percs, 16 noise-based sounds and 24 tones. I have attempted to capture the full spectrum of kicks from the DFAM, from restrained and softer bass drums to gabber monstrosities. The percs cover everything from snares, lasers, zaps, bloops and otherworldly timbres. The noise-based sounds are perfect for hats, claps, and shakers, while the tones are great for bass, melodies and even chords. All individual samples are encoded in 16-bit and 48kHz sample rate.

There are also four sample chains provided in the pack - these are great used in any sampler. but are presented in 24-bit/44.1khz sample rate so they play nicely with the Elektron Octatrack, The sample chains contain the 88 samples separated into four instrument groups, complete with .ot files so they will play nicely ‘straight out of the box’ without any manual slicing.

Finally, there is an Ableton Live Drum Selector rack (will work in Live Suite only) which allows you to program a pattern and change the sample with the turn of an encoder, as well as alter decay, pitch, distortion, compression etc of the whole kit with ease.

As this is a smaller pack than the rest, I am offering for the price of only £1,99.

Keep on creating!

Moog DFAM Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS