Moog Minitaur Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

Thought a bit of bass was required, and what better bass than the rich, creamy Moog variety?

The thick analogue sound of yesteryear updated and distilled into a diminutive desktop unit, made of thick metal and covered with tough knobs… That’s what Moog released in mid-2012, and to this day it remains one of the best pieces of kit available for producing harmonically-rich analogue bass in a small format. The Rev 2.2 update provided in 2017 (five years after launch) rounded out the machine was the icing on the cake, with the updates adding a fully-fledged plugin editor and 128 presets accessible from the front panel.

This sample pack features a respectable 320 one-shot samples covering 18 Minitaur patches - that’s 16 notes per patch, or four notes spread across four octaves, plus there are two folders of ‘drum’ sounds, 16 kicks and 16 snares, though many of these sounds can be used for other purposes such as hi-hats or other types of percussion.All individual samples are provided in both 24-bit and 16-bit versions to maximise compatibility with samplers. All samples are royalty-free.

There are also 20 sample chains which allow for the sounds to be used from several big samples rather than lots of individual ones. These are provided in two formats - 24-bit/44.1khz (so they work better with the Octatrack also come with the .ot files so no need to manually slice), and cropped 16-bit/48kHz (so they are compatible with the Digitakt and don’t take up much of the unit’s limited storage space). Of course these samples should work in any sampler, hardware of software, just check what kind of files your sampler likes to eat before feeding!

Each individual sound has been uniquely tweaked with dynamic EQ’ing and careful limiting they sound really full and alive right out of the box, but allowing enough headroom for further processing down the line.

As always, Let me know if there are any issues in the download and I will fix them ASAP. :slight_smile: