MOOG Slim Phatty, Sleeper hit!

Just wanted to gush a little bit about the Moog Slim Phatty!

I had one years ago when they first came out and whilst relocating studios, I ended up selling a bunch of hardware and the Phatty went with it, thinking I would replace it with a different Moog eventually.

Since then, I’ve owned and sold several Moogs, including Minitaur, Sub37 and Subsequent25. I never gelled with any of them.
I most recently got a Roland SE-02 to fill the “Moog” role, and just couldn’t gel with it either, and the interface with the tiny knobs is annoying.

So, I found a deal on a Slim Phatty and just got it back in the studio and I love it! It’s so immediate and punchy sounding. I don’t know what it is, but I just gel with it so much harder than other Moogs I’ve had in here. If I could afford it, I’d probably take a Voyager or something, but for my needs and just a simple interface for getting work done, the Phatty is where it’s at.
Sure, it’s only 2 OSC and no sub/noise, but I think it sounds fantastic, I don’t even miss any bells or whistles.

When I was researching replacing this SE-02, I actually saw a few threads about the Slim Phatty being a “sleeper” piece of gear. They’re right, I totally regret ever getting rid of it in the first place, it’s a keeper for sure.


Slim Phatty was my first real synth. I love it. I’ve been using it as a Bass synth with my keytar :slight_smile:

Btw, it has Noise as an option. It’s buried in the menus (alt LFO option). It technically isn’t an OSC option but it does add noise to the signal just like it.


I had no idea

Thanks man, that’s awesome!!

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I had a white little phatty with the cv out option installed along side a cp-251. It was lovely. Enjoy the slim!


I should go for a Matriarch instead, I have one and I Iove it!

A Little Phatty was my first analog synth and I still love the sound of it. Had a Sub Phatty for a while, thinking it might replace it but there’s an organic edge to the Little/Slim Phatties that couldn’t be replicated.

Just wish it didn’t take so damn long to warm up and get into tune.

My buddy had a Matriarch, very cool!

Unfortunately, for my workflow, patch saving is a requirement.
I sometimes have to switch multiple clients/projects in the same day, I don’t have time to manually recall.
Kind of limiting sometimes

I always wished I got a Little Phatty because the Slim Phatty’s warmup time is so bad (worse than LP from what I remember reading). :joy:

I had the Slim Phatty for some years and I liked it a lot.

Two things I didn´t like:

  • Just one knob for cutoff and resonance
  • warm up time. mine needed at least 30 minutes to be in tune

that´s why i sold it. but i have good memories of the slim phatty and I had a lot of fun with it. and it looks good.

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Yeah i had one and loved the sound of it but got fed up with the options in the menu.
I thought “I’ll sell out and get a moog which is knob per function “… ended up with a DFAM

I got a slim phatty when they just came out. The warm-up issue is/was annoying but if you engage the “auto tune” feature, it only takes a minute to be solid. I can’t recall if that was always there or if it came in an update but it works great for me!

I wanted a knob per function synth too and replaced
the Slim Phatty with a Korg Arp Odyssey.
The Arp is a dream Synth for me.
Fader per function rules !
warm up time is 2 or 3 minutes.

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Slim was mine. Still have it, and for me its a keeper (although I always thought that if they brought out a Subsequent module, or even better, a desktop Matriarch, I’d have to give it some serious thought…)

Yes, my main issue with it too.

Agree. Less is more sometimes. As a result, very easy to understand, and therefore quick to dial in the sound that you are after.

This is an old track I did with a friend.
The voice-like sound at the beginning and the subsequent flute are both from the Slim Phatty.

I too miss its sound.
Beautiful instrument, but a bit painful to operate.

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me too… i’m sick now though. i havent been able to duplicate the bin shaker/lambsbread sounds with any synth :frowning:

the self oscillating filter on my toraiz as-1 is close but no cigar!

Is anyone still using the Little Phatty? It has such a gorgeous sound, but I’m experiencing timing issues with the arp and over MIDI.
When using the arp, every 10 or so seconds the clock skips. It gets worse when you change parameters.
When triggering the synth over MIDI DIN, the same happens; if it receives fast consecutive notes, some get delayed.
Is anyone experiencing this too? Is there a fix?

I have a LPII with the CV out which I play very often. It has a classic Moog sound that I really love.

Sadly, the arpeggiator issues you mention are there since the very first day. I think the issue is less noticeable with the gate at 50% because what it happens at 100% is that the note off is sent after the next one so the latter is played with legato or something similar.

My suspicion, as you say, is that the CPU gets too stressed occasionally and starts missing MIDI messages, such as clock or controllers. If the so-called-noise modulation is used, it can be heard that it stops changing the level just by changing a knob. A change from panel to preset might trigger this errors too.

Over USB, note events don’t suffer from this behavior, I think, but I’ve disabled all the fancy MIDI stuff (MIDI merge, MIDI DIN, clock sync, 14 bits controllers and the like).

Wonderful classic sounds but quite quirky with the arp and at MIDI event management. :roll_eyes:

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It’s such a shame as the sound is incredible. Squarewave basses are soo nice on this thing. The filter is creamy. Overdrive is ace. Snappy envelopes. Resonance sings. Beautiful sound.

I can live without the arp. But MIDI sequencing needs to be tight. I was thinking about getting a cv gate converter but then I’d loose the velocity to filter and I think the glide then doesnt work, but I’m not sure.

I guess I can try an USB cable. But I’d need a really long ass cable then! And with USB I might end up with interference on the audio signal.

Such a shame


Just get a CV/gate converter that can transform velocity to CV.
I use a Kenton for exactly that purpose: (the older mk2 version will also do this)

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I’m not too familiar with cv gate. I understand the concept. But for example if I want to trigger an Sh-101 with CV, I can’t use the glide as the pitch is controlled by external voltage. Also no control over amp env, as an external signal opens and closes the gate.
I don’t want to lose these features on the Moog.
With the Kenton, I should patch a cable from velocity out into the filter in on the Moog?