More sync options for SH101


So I have a beatstep pro, I have set it up so I can use either clock out to ext clock in on sh101 or I’m using the cv and gate in

No real issues with the cv gate options

It’s the clock in speed which I’m wondering about?

can I set the clock timing to a different amount to the master bpm on bsp?

Or will I need another piece of hardware for this option?

Anyone ideas and thoughts a very welcome,


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Not sure about bear step pro, but I use an ALM mmMidi to send CV and gate, and Pam’s New Workout to send odd timing to the clock or gate on my 101. It’s quite good fun, you get interesting patterns out of it.

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Ok thanks, I have a brand new make noise skiff case lying around but I’m staying away from modular for the time being aka I’m not ready to go down that rabbit hole haha

I forgot to mention that I like to use sh101 sequencer but when use with ext clock in

the pattern runs at whatever the master bpm is set at which I run at ranges of 100 to 130bpm

100 bpm and lower and it’s workable any faster and it’s not that great, the sequence is just too fast if you know what I mean?

So I had a spare elektron split cable kit

So I used the out of bsp split to clock in and cv in on sh101

Not bad but still not quite there

Some sort of clock division hub is still needed I think for more clock/time control

The 101 input isn’t really a clock input as such, in the way that it’s normally meant, it’s more like a trigger input that advances the sequencer. Clock signals are normally much higher frequency than the 16th notes you’d typically want. I don’t have a BSP, but instead of taking clock out you could probably get what you want by sequencing a series of gate triggers on every step of a pattern (ie 16 steps per bar), preferably using a very short gate time to make it an impulse, and taking the gate signal out from that track and feeding it into the 101 clock advance. This is the way you’d sync a 101 to the Roland drum machines of the era, by taking triggers out of one of the tracks.

There are other ways, like using a clock divider, but that will require more kit.


Ok, section of the BSP manual shows that you can change the clock pulse to “1 step”. That’s what you want.


Cool thank you so much, I did go through the settings on bsp, so I remember seeing that

Thanks :pray:

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Works like a treat now…thanks