More than 3 LFOs (Midi)

Lets say I am using all 3 LFOs on Arp Midi Track 1 - Is there any way i can further manipulate the Arp on Midi Track 1 with more LFOs? Like using a Neighbor machine on Track 2? Is that possible?

No dude I do not think it is possible. You have to use two tracks so two Arp…

the only way you could do that is with a MIDI loopback … meaning, you run the MIDI out from the OT back into the MIDI in on the OT… you would have to change around quite a few settings to make it all work ok, or use a MIDI router to customize the I/O… still not sure if you can get the LFO to change a CC which will then change the ARP - those parameters may not be accesible by external MIDI - but that would be your only option

But where does one need more than 3 lfos? Use the lfo designer to better tailor the modulations for your needs and to optimize the lfo shapes

Thx everyone for all the very different, thought provoking and practical tips - now to put them into action. This Forum rocks!

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