Morning Walk - Techno Live Jam on the Analog Rytm


after i finally managed to record with Overbridge again - using my 5 years old MacBook Pro :slight_smile: - i finished my next Live Jam on the Rytm. Its Techno - i think - but lemme know what you think?! :smiley:

Multi-track recorded with Overbridge in Ableton Live. I added some EQing to the individual Tracks and Compression as well as a Limiter on the Master. Noise is heavily heard here - i tried Noise Reduction but this makes it sound even worse ^^ Well; we cant have everything, right?!

Anyway . hope you like it. And lemme know what you think, will ya?! :slight_smile:

All the best,


I like it. Nice transitions and a careless tune, just like the walk the title suggests.

I think perhaps the kick cuts through way too much. Doesn’t feel like a track that needs so much high end presence from such a sound. I’d go for a subtler and more damped tone there, and turn it down and bury it more in the low end, so I’d feel it more than hear it. It’s a catchy piece but more of a journey, less of a floor filler, so I’d just make the kick blend more with the rest. And maybe add some sloppy cymbals and hihats as loops, put a little filth on those and put a swing that’s just slightly more to the right than the rest, to add to the jazz vibe that’s already lurking there.

I enjoyed this, tho, so I’m only telling cause you asked and I thInk it’s a piece worth talking about

thanks andreas, glad you like it.

the kick was cutting through even more - actually :slight_smile: it is heavily eq’ed; same for the bass which is the BT - actually. i mix on headphones since i dont have good acoustics in my room with laminate on the floor and few pieces of furniture - theres plenty of echo in my room so i have no chance to do a proper mixdown with my good old Alesis M1 Active MKII :slight_smile:

I also had no real clue into what this thing was evolving. And i was a bit lazy with the mixdown overall, tbh :smiley: tried to compensate for that in ableton live but it turned out that i also had to deal with lots of distortion that got more promiment the more i lowered the threshold of the limiter to make it louder.

Thought about Cymbals and Filler Hats as well, but was running out of tracks already :smiley: i like to do as much with a single machine as possible. next time i think that i pair the rytm with the A4. now that i have a solid partner for Overbridge - my old MacBook - i think i can risk this again :wink:

Thanks for your hints!