Morningstar ML10X matrix switcher

Just released today.

Hot Damn! I’ve been waiting on this one awhile. I don’t know how they got the price so low for what it does.

You can configure basically 12 ins and 12 outs in numerous series and parallel configurations. Can’t wait!


Yes please

FYI - These are in stock right now on Morningstar’s website if anyone is interested. I just ordered one for my pedalboard setup.

The owner (?) stated in the morninstar forum:

"We’ll be stocking our EU distributor soon, should be shipping out by next week.

Unfortunately, quantities are limited. The global chip shortage is still affecting production. The delivery dates for the processors just keeps getting pushed back (Just FYI, we have back ordered the processors since beginning of 2021 when we saw lead times were increasing, and they’re still back ordered until now). So the sad truth is the ML10X is going to be out of stock after this new batch.

We’re exploring options on how to get around this…"

Oh cool, I’ll probably wait for a later batch but have been wondering about the lag between the announcement and availability.