Morphology 1.0 - LP Preview

Available November 2013 - This album is a bit of an Elektron smorgasbord gear wise - with lots of OT, MD, A4 and MnM in equal measure slathered all over the place.

Comprising of new original compositions, collaborations, unreleased b-sides, remixes by several artists and two remixes Venn Diagram has done for other artists in the past 12 months.
I would like to thank Uwe Zahn, Biologik, Honeysmack, Little Birds, Stereospread, Kibeja, Joe @ Crystal mastering, Rob, Jan, Emil & everyone at Filter label for all their on going love and support. Special shout out to Elektron, Clavia, Korg, NI, Roland, Madronna Labs and Applied Acoustics for such inspiring and wonderful instruments that help make my world go around.
We may be the music makers but you are the dreamers of dreams.

Special thanks to Dave (Honeysmack) and Eric (Biologik) both regulars on these boards for 2 stellar remix contributions that help make this upcoming release all that it is.

I can die a happy man - Arovane just described the intro to Kodokushi as “Cinematique !” on Soundcloud, exclamation marks and all. Probably one of the most inspiring electronic musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to and being acquainted with, but I digress.

This sounds really great - and I like the diversity. Looking forward to the complete package

Nice work! I especially like the ambient sections, they sound very full and alive.

Looking forward to hearing the whole thing!

Will be sending you a copy close to release date - it sounds great though I must say :wink:

That sounds really, really good… Thanks or posting

Lovely sound design as usual. Looking forward to the release!

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:

Here’s the final album artwork for the release - roll on November.