Morwa - Playful karimba (Digitakt jam)

OK. This is my first attempt at uploading something on YT… So you better enjoy it :slight_smile:

On a more serious note i decided to start a series of videos with short jams on digitakt using various samples (mostly eurorack, piano and field recordings).
The project name is Morwa and this is the first one.

Thanks to @dustmotes for inspirational videos :heart_eyes:

I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:


Sounds great!

Great! Love the woozy piano :ok_hand:t2:

Thank you guys.

Nice one!

This is great!
Out of curiosity, do you use the line out of the h5 to sample your field recordings in the digitakt or do you use a computer to transfer files?


I stick to line out for recording from H5.

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