Most stable OS version for Octatrack?

What is the general opinion on the best OS version for Octatrack?

I have been upgrading as soon as each OS is released but now i am having more problems than ever. I think downgrading the OS is the way forward at the moment.

I think most of the problems reside in the projects created on another firmware.
I noticed problems on old projects that couldn’t be reproduced on a fresh project.

It’s a PITA but maybe you can make some tests by taking some of your samples within a fresh project and see if you can reproduce your pb.

Ive started from scratch now with a freshly formatted card. First i must try and recreate the issues i was having. If it is a problem with projects that were made on previous OS versions then perhaps i will not get these same issues. I hope not anyway!

If you have serious projects that you need upgraded, ping me, I might be able to help with magic tools.

Unfortunately i already formatted the card last night, there was one project i would have liked to save but its gone now.

On the plus side i can’t seem to recreate the problems i was having :slight_smile:

I need magic tools! After buying a4, projects requiere to be reorganised…